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Interview with Jess Hart for Myer AW2012 Launch
Written by Bronny   
 As you may know I now write regularly for as their Melbourne Fashion Correspondent! Lucky me! I get to interview lots of awesome people, like Jess Hart, whom I chatted to about her role as Myer Ambassador and the launch of the Myer AW2012 collection. Photobucket

We were lucky to be invited backstage to chat to the glamboyant girl from Ballarat and Melbourne and Myer Ambassador Jessica Hart for the first day of Autumn 2012 (March 1st) to chat about Myerís extravagant Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Show held at the Mural Hall (check it out here).

We chatted to a relaxed and happy Jess who looked stunning in Sass & Bide sequin leggings and a Miss Shop shirt about how it felt to be back in Australia and on the runway for Myerís Autumn/Winter 2012 collection (her debut since breaking her ankle earlier this year):


Bronny: So welcome home Jess, how are you, how does it feel to be back in Australia and on the runway for Myer, how excited are you?

Jess: Iím so excited, so much preparation goes into it, and itís going to be great.  We just did a rehearsal, and I got about five hours sleep, any more and Iíd be sleepy all day, if I get too much Iím kind of out it, so five is just perfect!

Bronny: Itís great to have you back on the catwalk this season!

Jess: Yes, itís great but I broke my ankle about a month ago. Itís ok, but this will be my first catwalk since. I was getting out of a taxi in New York and there are pot holes everywhere and I stepped and wasnít looking where I was going and stepped into it and my weight just came down on it. I felt so sick when it happened, you know itís bad when you feel really sick and it was a Sunday and my foot doctor said just sit around and come see me tomorrow and then it was a break unfortunately.

Bronny: Gosh! Awful! That must have affected other things like keeping fit?

Jess: Yes, well actually this is my second ankle injury this year! My other ankle, I tore a full ligament in my other ankle, and I was actually just thinking that week Ďgee thatís finally healedĎ because they take so long to heal in that fine area. So I havenít been able to run, because I usually run all the time! But the elyptical cross trainer has been fine because thatís not too demanding and pilates which I love Ė so it hasnít restrained me too much.

Bronny: Good, and coming home in your Myer Ambassador role Ö

Jess: Yes, itís so great to be home and so great to be a Myer Ambassador and to be able to come home to Melbourne where Iím from.

Bronny: And can you tell us about some of the upcoming trends for the Autumn/Winter Season?

Jess: I think a lot of itís about colour. I love to throw colour in, in Winter, otherwise itís so gloomy, particularly in New York. Iíve just come from Winter (as you know) itís been freezing there. And I bought this really big yellow coat which I just love. And Myer have really cool block colors, structured coats this season. And then also layering, feminine, grungy kind of free spirit. Big hats, borderline hippy, mixing textures, like wool knits and sheeling I think is really cool.

Bronny: I guess working in the fashion industry is a lot of little girls dreams, and working with so many fantastic fashion designers, how would you describe your own style?

Jess: I never know how to describe my style! Definitely from working in this industry it has changed. I mean I used to wear track suit pants everywhere, and I thought I was super cool and even better if it was a matching tracksuit. I donít know what I was thinking! But itís evolved and it really allows you to be creative with what youíre wearing. And especially living in New York, I feel like you get the freedom there. Nobody really judges you and I really appreciate others making an effort in that area as well. I think itís really fun to play with fashion, it reflects your mood and everything.

Bronny: And how would you describe the difference between fashion in Melbourne and fashion in New York?

Jess: Weíre working on it! I walked to Myer this morning from my hotel and I noticed there was a bit of colour out there, even in the umbrellaís. But fashion compares here, we have very fashion forward Designers such as Ellery, Aurelio Costerella, Yeojin Bae, they are really as outstanding as any international designer. We are really lucky.

Bronny: The campaign looks amazing and it was filmed in Nerrandera. How was that experience? How did you find shooting in the outback?

Jess: Yes, I just saw it the first time and it looks amazing. It was great, Iím sure you saw the extreme weather conditions. It went from pouring and pouring with rain, to the fields catching on fire with lightening to scorching hot where we I was going to pass out, being in those big coats. So it was quite an experiment in the sense of it. But it was good and we did it and it looks great.

Bronny: Do you think spending time growing up in Ballarat prepared you for those Winters in Melbourne?

Jess: Definitely, but I think growing up in Victoria prepares me, I really think at some point cold just becomes cold.

Bronny: And what do you miss about being in Australia?

Jess: Friends, family, the food, mainly my mum! Coffee Ė we have such amazing coffee and produce. We really are the lucky country which I realised when I moved away why we are called that.

Bronny: And youíve worked with so many Designers in the industry. What would you say has been your favourite fashion experience?

Jess: Everything is fun and unique in itís own different way. Sometimes you have really great experiences and sometimes itís just hard work. There are so many that Iíll never forget, itís been a really lovely journey.

Bronny: New York! Whatís your favorite thing about living there?

Jess: Itís probably the same for what I hate and what I love. Everythingís so convenient and available and there and in your face. It becomes so easy to live like that, I come home and Iím like Ďwhat i canít get a hairdryer at 2 in the morningĎ. But on the other hand it can be come very overwhelming and you do feel like you need to get away from that.

Bronny: And weíve talked a lot about the cold, can you tell us your favorite comfort food for when itís cold?

Jess: Usually I would say something like pizza or pasta Ė but I gave up wheat last October and I feel fantastic and I think itís the best thing Iíve ever done and become quite easy to avoid. Occasionally it being my favorite thing if Iím in a really good Italian restaurant Iíll have pasta Ė but generally I try to avoid all that.

Bronny: And just to wrap it up Ė how do you describe the Myer Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection and what we can take away this season?

Jess: Itís fun and chic and has a young vibe. Really fun and bright for Winter, so have fun!

And with that, we thanked Jess and wished her all the best for the catwalk. Sheís adorable and was simply brilliant with that broken ankle on the catwalk.

If you missed it, you can check out the Myer Fashion Show here and the Red Carpet Arrivals here and our backstage story with Illamasqua here.

Courtesy of Lucas Dawson



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