3 Inexpensive Ways To Have Cleaner Air In Your Home

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Although you might like to think that you’re completely safe from all outside influences when you’re in your home, you might be surprised to find out that some things you can find in your home are actually more dangerous than what’s outside your home. One of these things could be the air quality of the space you’re living. Many things families use on a daily basis can give off harmful chemicals that can make the air in your home way less clean than you might realize. But rather than spending a lot of money on filtration systems and purifiers, here are three inexpensive ways you can start to have cleaner air in your home.

Clean Your Filters

Your home has quite a few air filters that you should be changing on a regular basis. These include the filters in your HVAC system and filters for fans in your bathroom or kitchen. Also, the American Lung Association tells Good Housekeeping that you should also be periodically cleaning the entirety of these systems. This is especially relevant for your air conditioner and dehumidifier, to ensure that they’re properly doing their jobs and keeping the air in your home as clean as they should be. If you don’t clean or replace these items as often as you should, you are allowing a lot more humidity, dust, and pollen to circulate than ordinarily would. It also means these items are more likely to break down from the added strain, requiring a company like TSS Home Comfort AC repair Eagle to repair it.

Get Some Houseplants

In addition to making your home look more alive, bringing in houseplants can also work wonders for the air quality of your home. According to NaturalLivingIdeas.com, plants are natural air purifiers and work to remove toxins and other harmful particles from the air around them. For this reason, keeping them in strategic places around your home will naturally make the air in those rooms much cleaner. Some of the plants you may want to consider picking up from your local garden center are Rubber Tree, Golden Pothos, or Chinese Evergreen. And because you can get many plants for just a few dollars, this is a very inexpensive way to address an air quality problem.

Increase Air Movement

The easiest and least expensive way you can start having better air quality in your home is to simply increase the air movement within the rooms of your house. This could mean using fans or even just opening a window. However, Denise Mann, a contributor to WebMD, warns that opening a window could bring in more harmful chemicals from outside. So rather than just throwing your doors or windows open, try trickle ventilation, which allows fresh air in and unclean air out.

If you’re looking to save money while still having the cleanest air in your house, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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