3 Things to Do If You Suspect Someone In Your Organization of White Collar Crimes

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In today’s business world, there’s a lot of pressure on the people in the finance departments. So much of a company’s success is contingent upon their ability to make money and then use that money wisely to further the business. With this amount of pressure, some people have been known to take things a little too far and have gotten themselves into trouble with the law. When something like this happens, it’s important to know how you as an uninvolved party should respond. So to help those who are unsure about what to do when you think something fishy might be going on, here are three tips for what to do if you suspect someone in your finance department of white collar crimes.

Consider Reporting It To The Authorities

White collar crimes encompass quite a few different areas. From fraud to embezzlement, there have been plenty of businesses who have taken a hit because someone within the company was trying to circumvent the law. Knowing this, for the safety of yourself and your company, the first thing you should do if you suspect someone of being involved in white collar crimes is to report it. The U.S. Department of Justice has a number of resources available for you to report white collar crimes to the government in a safe and secure way. Depending on what crime you think is being committed, the forum in which you report the crime will vary.

Suggest Getting A Criminal Defense Attorney ASAP

If there’s been chatter that someone within your office is being investigated for a white collar crime, you may want to give that person a better chance to defend themselves by suggesting they speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. HG.org shares that a criminal defense attorney can help with things like navigating the charges and giving legal counsel. Depending on how seriously the allegations are, a criminal defense attorney may be able to work with law enforcement to negotiate proceedings or mitigate the problem. Regardless, it’s important for someone allegedly involved in a crime to have proper legal representation.

Collect Information For The Investigation

Once a full-fledged investigation has begun regarding the white collar crime allegations, a lot of the business’s information and data could be brought in for use during the case. Because of this, WhiteCollarCrimesResources.com recommends collecting information that may be relevant for the case and then presenting that to those in charge of the investigation. If you were approached by a government official, use that person as your point of contact for supplying your information regarding the investigation.

If you fear that someone within your company has been committing white collar crimes, use the tips mentioned above to help you know how to proceed through this legal process.

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