3 Tips For Retaining Your Beauty Clients

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Starting your beauty business is something that is incredibly exciting.  Once you finish your certification and are ready to start working, you are enthusiastic about finding clients to fill your schedule.  Finding your first few clients means that you’ll start to make your first impressions on them and will have to make sure that they come back.

Therefore, finding clients shouldn’t only be your main priority, but retaining them so that they become loyal clients who return regularly.  Here are some of the best tips for not only finding your clients but encouraging them to come back again and again.

Stay On Top Of Your Bookings

Taking appointments will be something that you will do every day.  When you make the appointments it is important to make sure that you properly log them.  This way when you look at your agenda every day you know exactly who is coming and at what time.

It is crucial to space out your bookings accordingly depending on what kind of services you will be doing on your clients.  For example, spacing clients too close to each other when the work will take more than several hours on your first client is a recipe for disaster.  

Balancing your schedule according to exactly what you anticipate your length of work to be on each is crucial to making your clients happy.  If your client arrives at the time that you have slotted for them and you aren’t ready yet, this will lead to them being frustrated.  Chances are if you make your clients wait then they won’t be returning again.

Be Honest About Your Skills

If a client comes to you and wants a certain service done which is outside of your expertise, it is important to be honest about whether you think you are capable of it or not.  Many people make the mistake of committing to do a service which they have never done before only to find that it is poorly executed and the client is disappointed.

Part of being good at your job is knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  As long as you are upfront with your clients about whether you think you can get the job done or not, you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

Create a Relationship

Creating a relationship with your clients is essential to retaining them.  Unlike some professions, giving beauty services is something which requires a lot of conversation and personal connection.  

When people go to get beauty services done it can be an intimate experience with a lot of chit chat, so remembering your clients’ names and details about their lives can win you a lot of points.

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