3 Ways To Get Your Job Back After Addiction

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When you begin to use a drug or take a drink of your favorite beer, the thought that this could become an addiction seldom crosses your mind. As you progress deeper and deeper into the world of drugs and alcohol, the things of this world become unimportant.

Family seems to be more of a bother than a pleasure to be around. Your hygiene just doesn’t matter anymore and how you perform on the job suffers immensely. Most usually end up fired, but there is hope. Below are three ways to recover in the job market after being taken down by drugs or alcohol.

America In Recovery

Several rehabilitation centers offer assistance in getting reacquainted with society. They strive to set recovering addicts up to reintegrate themselves with the normal tasks of maintaining a livelihood. One of the ways a rehab center might help is to connect someone in recovery with an association like America in Recovery.

Their sole purpose is to help recovering addicts find a job after making their way through an accredited rehabilitation program. There are several companies that do not care to take on the responsibility or the risk that comes with hiring such a person.

On the other hand, there are those who know that a mistake with drugs or alcohol should not condemn one to a life of poverty because they can’t manage to find a job.

Upgrade Your Resume

In any situation regarding the obtaining of a new position at a credible business, it is always recommended that you place your best foot forward. It’s a fair assumption that most of the options you had in the job world prior to rehabilitation are aware of your struggle and may be reluctant to give you another shot. So opting for new employment could be your best bet. To improve the chance of finding employment again soon after rehabilitation, then perhaps look at using a company like ARC Resumes or another similar to upgrade your resume and hopefully have yours stand out above other applicants.

Another way to deal with this is to upgrade your resume. Go back to school, if necessary. Take classes that will make you available to apply for higher positions or go and obtain a degree in an entirely different field. Maybe you are a firefighter, but have always wanted to know what it would be like to become a teacher. Take this opportunity to switch careers.

Stay Positive

In any part of this journey, stay positive. You are bound to run into those who hold no hope for your recovery. You will apply to many jobs that will turn you down at the first sign of a past in addiction and there will be times you will be your own worst enemy by doubting yourself.

Don’t give up. There is a life after addiction. You can make your mark in the job world and earn enough of a living to create a stable home life for you and any family you have or plan on having in the future. Keep your chin up and keep trying.

Addiction is a life stealer. Use these tips to steal it back and get back to your job, family, and life.

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