4 Common Insurance and Financial Delays You May Need To Deal With

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There are going to be times in your life when your money is not exactly your money, yet. In other words, even though you are owed something by some entity or another, you may not be in the get your hands on it right away. This is often because of administrative delays, can have many other underlying causes as well.

So, it’s important to recognize that insurance and financial delays will happen, so you should be able to prepare for them accordingly. There can be delays or inconvenience about disability insurance, money from the government, housing disaster insurance money, and sometimes even issues with getting tax rebates.

Disability Insurance

When you’re trying to file for disability insurance, there are a lot of different hoops that you have to jump through. And, if you don’t fill out all of your paperwork precisely right, or the insurance company decides that for some reason you don’t deserve your claim, that can very quickly jam up the gears for you getting your money in the timeframe you expect. The important thing you need to learn about disability insurance is to understand that you can fight back against these delays, and retroactively get some of the money that you should’ve gotten in the first place.

Government Money

Government money is also notorious for being delayed. For example, right now, many veterans across the country are dealing with a delay in their G.I. bill money. A computer systems failure made it so that checks were not going out at the proper rate, now trying to fix that problem is just causing more delays. As much as possible, you should try to have a buffer between when you expect to get money versus when you have to have it for reasons such as bills that you have to pay.

Delays On Housing Disaster Money

Getting money after a disaster can be a disaster in itself. Especially if lots of other people in the same area were affected by the same event, insurance companies are going to be crazy trying to figure out who deserves what. You should expect long delays when it comes to getting your claims approved and then actually getting any money. It can be challenging to rebuild with just savings, so this puts lots of people in a conundrum.

Issues With Taxes

A final time it can be very frustrating when financial delays can affect your life is when it comes time to get your tax rebate at the end of the year. If you don’t fill out all of your forms right, or if the IRS is behind on some of their work, or if there is somehow additional information or laws in place that you aren’t familiar with, that can make your check come later and later and later.

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