5 Design Aspects For Novice Business Website Builders

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Building a business website is more complicated than most people understand. There are basic elements of a successful design, but there are a million and one tiny coding pieces that will work wonders for the visibility and usability of your business website.

Now is the time to grasp the surface level of design. Before you can fully wrap your brain around all of the more complicated aspects of designing a website, you have to first understand the basics.

Navigation is vital to functionality

Keep the design of the website simple enough for the customer to find what they want. Every business website, no matter the purpose, needs a hardwired way to travel about the many pages of the site map. You can read more about this on Kitching Ltd (find more info here). Without a navigational aspect to tie the pages together into one site, you have a handful of web pages floating, independently, within the infinite spaces of the internet.

The best way to remedy the challenge of navigation is to create a stationary navigation bar across the top of your site. Check out this example page’s way of getting around. Wherever web users travel within your website, they can easily find their way back where they came with a stationary navigation element.

Encourage communication whenever possible

Communication is the foundation of the success and longevity of your organization. Without the ability to communicate with the population your organization serves, you have no way of knowing which aspects of your design don’t work as well as others.

Communication helps you better understand where and when you might improve the effectivity of your business website. Listen to your target population. When people feel they have been heard, there is an immediate positive connection built.

Learn all you can absorb regarding SEO

Search engine optimization is the key to making your mark on the internet. When you understand the concepts of SEO, you will quickly understand how to make your business known to the search engines.

Ranking higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) means that you may get thousands more eyes to see your website than you would have if your site ranked on the second page of the SERPs. Learn everything you can possibly absorb about SEO.

Optimize your design for mobile access

Mobile access to the internet is now far more common than that of PCs or laptops. If your business website is not setup to look good on a mobile device, you are probably missing out on quite a bit of traffic.

Integrate social media share buttons

Social media sharing buttons are also another pivotal part of passing on your business website’s existence. When visitors can easily share something they find interesting on your website with their friends and family through the magic of social media, you have a platform for free marketing.

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