Customize Your Way To Saving Money

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There are many things in life that we would all do differently if we had the choice. Maybe we wouldn’t have let a certain statement slip out of our mouth to our boss or our parents. Perhaps we would have invested in that previously lesser known soda company.

Who knows! Maybe if we had finished school when we were younger, we would never have met Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. There is a precedence for doing things our way and Burger King has nothing to do with it. Below are some places and ways you can save money by doing what works for you.

At Home

Our home is our sanctuary or should be anyway. It is where we feel like we can be who we are and relax. We can shut out what the world expects from us, for a while at least. Consider the heat in your home in the winter. There are those of us who are hot-blooded and those who are sharply opposite. With that said, if you would like to save a little more money, turn the thermostat down a few more degrees and pull out the extra blankets.

Besides, cuddling up under a blanket on the couch with your spouse is a great way to make some great memories. Want to save money on your cable bill? Use your gaming console to purchase apps like Hulu or Netflix and pay $12 or $9 a month for your favorite tv shows instead of $100. Some apps, like Crackle, are free. Want to know the ultimate money saving customization at home?

Never pay for something you can do yourself. If you can push a button, there is no need for a professional photographer. If you know a family member that can cut hair, ask for their help. Clean your own house and vehicles. Cook your meals, instead of going out to eat. That last one will not only save you money but is healthier, too.   

At Work

Maybe you are a business owner looking for some ways to “trim the fat” off the budget. Only you know the ins and outs of your business. So, when considering buying new software, make sure that you take the opportunity to customize its uses to serve your company in the most advantageous way while saving you money.

Consider allowing your employees to customize their workspace. We all know that a happy worker produces better. Better production means higher profits for your business and better employee retention rates. While you’re at it, consider customizing your hardware, as well.

If everyone on your team doesn’t need a 2TB hard drive to get things done, there is no need to pay the extra for everyone to have access to the same thing. Customize things to fit the needs of your business.

At School

Adults aren’t the only people that can save money by customizing the life around them. It is becoming increasingly more relevant for our children to carry a certain amount of cash with them for school. The education system is becoming as bad as the government when it comes to charging our children for everything they can itemize.

However, here are a few ways the students among us can save a little cash by customizing their educational experience. Buying lunch every day for a week could cost you, on average, about $20.00. That’s just if you buy what the government deems a healthy lunch.

Bringing your lunch would cost you about half that and give you the option of choosing what you eat. Prom is a big deal. Tickets usually run each student around $50. Most of the time, you really don’t have a choice in that decision, because the money goes to fund the venue.

However, you have the choice of what to wear. Who said that prom gowns and tuxedos were the mandatory attire? That’s just it. No one did. If you want to show up in a clown suit and dress shoes, you can. Customize your evening. Doing things the way you want could result in a fatter wallet.

It seems like every day there is someone telling us something about how we should be doing things, Most times, those directions benefit them more than anyone. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You are responsible for you and your money. If you know a better, less expensive way to accomplish your goals, try it.

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