Financing Addiction Treatment: Helpful Hints For Recovery

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Those who struggle with substance abuse often struggle with much more in their lives. Substance abuse and addiction is a symptom of a much larger problem in this country. Though addiction is not restricted to the poor, poverty is a contributing factor in many cases.

The cost of a quality treatment facility is often out of reach for those who already struggle financially. Even after locating a suitable treatment program, addiction is good for inducing helplessness in those who suffer, and a lack of funds is just another excuse not to get clean.

Ultimately, no addict has ever successfully cleaned up their life before they were truly ready. “I have no idea how to pay for rehab,” no longer has to be on the list of excuses. Here are a few helpful tips that will lead those looking for recovery in the right direction.

Enlist the help of friends and family

It goes without saying (but we will say it anyway) that there are plenty of addicts who are not able to conjure help from family or friends due to strains placed on the relationship by drug use. Many addicts have no relationship with family, and their friends are their drinking/drugging buddies.

If, by chance, family is an option (and they actually have the money), try appealing to their softer side for a bit of financial help towards treatment. Most family members are more than willing to help when they know it is for treatment, so there is a chance they may come through.

Work out a payment plan with the chosen facility

Unbeknownst to most people struggling with addiction, many treatment facilities will work out payment arrangements with those who need help. Treatment centers typically understand that not all people who have addiction issues have the money for quality medical care. Those who can afford it, on the other hand, may choose to go to rehab centers, which can help people who are addicted to substances like drugs by providing medical-cures similar to methadone treatment. Such rehab centers could be very beneficial for those who have tried everything else but are still unable to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction.

Most rehabilitation centers tend to work closely with patients to fulfill a graduated payment plan while in treatment. Squaring away the financial side of addiction therapy is one of the most basic steps towards a full recovery.

Take out a home equity loan

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If a person (or a close family member) owns a home, they can take out a home equity loan to pay for treatment. Banks will lend owners a percentage of the equity in their home for a relatively low payback interest rate.

Apply for a loan from a specialized agency

Just as there are lenders that specialize in mortgage lending, there are also financial institutions who specialize in lending to those seeking drug rehabilitation treatment. Loan companies such as this typically offer special packages that are tailored to cover the general costs of treatment.

They also offer lower interest rates than typical loan agencies. Try researching Prosper Healthcare Lending or My Treatment Lender for more information.

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