Five reasons why it is okay to spend all your money on travelling

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Travelling is a beautiful thing. I cannot imagine any other activity that will both simultaneously rip you apart and tear you up while also lifting you higher and higher to elation.

But more than anything, travelling brings you back to your deepest self. You travel to see better places, to see and understand others better.

Why is the money spent on travel well spent?

I am a passionate traveller of the world, a kind of nomad. I have explored more than fifty countries and have lived in six of them. I follow the road tirelessly to continue learning, grow, experience and live. And I spend all my money on trips. And honestly, I do not regret it at all. Yes, it is true! And even if I decide to opt for a charter plane, I might not flinch after checking out the private jet charter cost –that is how much I love travelling!

Anyway, if you are like me, then you might understand what I am saying. However, if you are not like me, then here are five verifiable reasons why it is alright to n spend all your money on travel:

  • It creates an expanded worldview

Travel expands your worldview by exposing you to different cultures, histories, and ways of life. You gain insight into how others live that challenges your preexisting assumptions. Witnessing devastating historical events and meeting inspirational souls from around the world teaches you that people are fundamentally connected, despite surface differences. Travel enlightens you on all that was missing from your isolated worldview.

  • It immerses you in new cultures

Traveling immerses you in new cultures, offering a world of culinary delights with regional specialties made from unfamiliar ingredients. You’ll encounter traditional outfits adorned with vibrant patterns and luxurious fabrics, giving you the chance to try them on for yourself. Additionally, there are massage techniques passed down through generations that are still practiced as part of healing traditions. You can easily find local spa options by searching for “Massage Spa near me” online, and consider booking an appointment to experience various styles of massage.

  • It will be your best education.

You learn what unites us as human beings and how we feel as “enemies”. You learn to face fears and to return them with compassion and love. You will learn all the devastating historical events that you have not been within your history books and all the beautiful souls that exist throughout the world.

  • It takes you out of your comfort zone.

Nothing will make you bigger than travelling. Travelling (sometimes violently) distances from your comfort zone, which forces him to accept other life conditions that are not his habits. Sometimes, you have to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, lose your favourite food, be ashamed to try to speak a foreign language or trust a stranger. Travelling teaches you how much it exists outside of your world of comfort. So much growth awaits your arrival outside of your security bubble if you only dare to approach it.

  • This relativises everything.

Travel has brought my life radically in an evident perspective, and I try to be honest to keep this perspective in mind if I want to complain about my too salty food or lack of cold water. Seeing how others live, tell me how incredibly fortunate I am and how much (although seemingly small) want to share my incredible wealth, and it is a lesson, which I think I would have learned in another way.

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