Full Time Sports Betting & Gambling – Is it a Sustainable Career?

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Not too long ago we published a post about some jobs which are perfect for introverted people, but we only really discussed what your parents and your grandparents would perhaps refer to as more “realistic” jobs, despite the fact that some of these are remote jobs. I guess you can think of this as a follow-up post to that, but one in which we’re going to discuss only one career and we chose to do so because there is just so much intrigue and mystery surrounding people who operate as professional gamblers, particularly full-time sports bettors.

So is it a viable and sustainable career, that of full-time, professional sports betting, first of all?

Existing Full-Time Sports Bettors

Well, we had to dig long and deep to find them, but believe it or not, professional full-time sports bettors actually exist. Many of them tend to go to sites like Footyguru or similar betting sites to bet on games like soccer (through options like Single Bet Of The Day) and football. Although most of them admittedly also dabble in many other forms of pro-gambling as well, like participating in poker tournaments, hitting the casino, and even playing online casino slots.

That still doesn’t make any of them any less of a full-time pro sports bettor, however, but it does require anyone seeking to operate as a pro sports bettor to invest a lot of their time into it as well as the type of patience which would see them developing a winning strategy. Things get really serious with the likes of the typical pro sports bettor’s study or home office resembling that of someone like a day trader. Many screens display different aspects of the Sports Betting Picks, such as one perhaps showing a re-run of a previous game while another shows highlights of the weekend’s past games.

Another screen could additionally also be displaying an Excel spreadsheet depicting the formulation of a betting strategy in action or perhaps just a routine odds-analysis documentation. The bottom line is things get really serious when we talk about the casual sports bettor who puts down the occasional wager on the weekend’s sports, and a full time, professional sports bettor.

The Implicit Sustainability

So if there are indeed some professional sports bettors who actually exist, this would imply that it’s a sustainable career path to forge, doesn’t it? I say “forge” instead of follow because that is indeed what you have to do – you have to make a career out of professional sports betting and not follow one. Whether you want to get ahead of all the traditional betting strategies, or establish yourself as a reliable bookmaker with a website platform for bookies, it is a career path that will involve a lot of dedication, research, and grit to succeed in.

You have to be proactive – nobody is going to hand you some miracle sports betting formula, even though some people claim to sell winning sports betting formulas. The honest truth is that nobody on this earth would ever share a winning formula with anyone else, not even for a monetary exchange! However, there are some articles on the internet that could help you learn about the dos and don’ts of online sports betting (click here to check out a similar page).

Furthermore, you have to remember to take it upon yourself to hone your skills by being in the mix and although you can start off without putting down too much real money, you can get your football betting guide and odds by clicking here to kick-start the process of your journey towards being a successful, full time sports bettor.

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