Gold or Silver: Which Tie Clip is Right for You?

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The tie clip is coming back in a big way. The 21st century man is starting to understand just how well a perfectly selected tie clip can accent the style of an outfit while keeping the tie looking straight and sharp throughout even the longest of days.

Of course, we haven’t necessarily picked up the ins and outs of selecting a tie clip yet, so many men are confused by the basic choice between gold and silver. Here are just a few questions you can ask yourself to land on the perfect tie clip.

When Will You Be Wearing Your Tie Clip?

Long held sartorial rules dictate that gold should be worn during the day and silver in the evening. This is partly due to the fact that silver tends to work best with more formal evening wear. It’s not a rule you necessarily need to stick to, but it’s still one well worth keeping in mind. For a day at the office, gold isn’t going to look out of place. For a night at the opera, silver is going to fit in.

What Accessories Are You Wearing?

Only in very rare cases will a tie clip be your sole accessory. They tend to be worn by men who know how to dress, and such men are also likely to be wearing cufflinks and a watch. As a general rule, try matching the colour of those metals to the colour of your tie clip. You should also pay attention to the colour of your belt buckle and shoe fastenings.

How Adventurous Do You Feel?

There are tie clips available in colours other than silver or gold, but you should only look to more vibrant options when you feel confident enough to pull them off – if you don’t know what you’re doing, your choice will probably end up looking incongruous instead of inspired, and that’s never a good look. Brushed silver is hard to get wrong, while gold is a tiny bit more adventurous. If you do go for something like purple or blue, it helps to pair with a complementary solid-colour tie.

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