How A Lumper Service Can Benefit Your Business

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In the global market, the United States is facing increased competition. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, trans-border freight in North America has gone up by 41%. This means the demand for freight transportation is only going to increase. 

Therefore, businesses must improve freight transportation efficiency to gain a competitive advantage. Hiring a lumper service is one way to do this.

A lumper service is when a shipper or carrier hires third-party employees to handle freight from trucks or trailers at a dock. These specialized companies use personnel who are skilled with the technicalities of loading and unloading trucks and trailers.

Why Should You Hire A Lumper Service?

Businesses are searching for an efficient and cost-effective solution to unload palletized freight, whether it’s from a truck, a container, or a locomotive. A study on how unloading and loading times can be more productive showed that skilled and knowledgeable workers could drastically improve the process. 

The complexity of the job and the speed with which a container can be unloaded and palletized are why businesses hire lumper services. 

Lumper services provide an alternative to drivers unloading or loading cargo manually, allowing them to meet tight deadlines while simultaneously limiting fatigue and injury risks. As a result, lumper services contribute to society by enhancing the safety of the freight and trucking industries.

For the shipper, lumper services can assist in enhancing customer relations and can significantly cut loading time during periods of high shipping demand. Likewise, lumper services for the receiver can help the company minimize unloading time and make floor load conversions to in-house pallet arrangements easier.

Lumper services help carriers lower their freight delivery expenses. Because the lumpers are independent contractors, freight brokers or shippers are not obligated to bear the costs of their injuries. They also save money on equipment because the lumpers will either get their own or rent it from the port owners. Because lumpers are independent contractors responsible for filing their tax returns, hiring them also reduces tax liabilities for shippers, carriers, and receivers. 

Moreover, lumper services are pretty affordable. They can cost anywhere between $25 to $500 depending on how many hours of labor and work are involved. 

Lumper services assist carriers, receivers, and shippers in more ways than only reducing loading and unloading concerns. Contracting a lumping service ensures that all of your company’s and warehouse’s demands are addressed without wasting company time or putting your cargo at risk. 

Take Into Consideration

Lumper services are the backbone of logistics. However, keep in mind that you should be prepared to ask the correct questions and understand when you require lumper services. In addition, when hiring lumper services, you need to make sure that the company you are dealing with is located near you. Another thing you have to ensure is that you collect your receipts and submit them as soon as possible. You’ll adjust faster than you think!

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