How to Save Money When Revamping Your House

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We all know the story: you want to give your house a make-over, but you don’t have too much to spend! It happens, but rest assured there are some great ways to do it on the cheap! The trick is to know where to make savings, so let’s talk about some great ways to make your home look superb without breaking the bank.

Let’s start by deciding what it is you want to do: are you looking for a full revamp, or just one room? Or perhaps you want to change the décor as you’re tired of the current look? That’s easy to do on a budget, and we have some great tips.

We’ll start with decorating a room. Do you want to paint, or paper? Here’s a great bit of advice – paint will not just be the cheaper option, but it’s the easier one, too. You don’t have to be an expert to paint walls, you just need a roller and the right paint. The ceiling is a little bit more difficult, but with a roller on the end of a pole, you can do it! Try and use water-based paint as it negates the need for using chemicals such as turps, and is far more eco-friendly. Choose a basic, neutral hue for the most cost-effective decoration. Paint comes in a variety of beautiful hues, but they are more costly. You don’t need that; keep it basic and add decorating afterward with photographs and other things. Besides, if you are afraid of ruining everything while painting your entire house, you might hire a painter by browsing the internet with phrases like – house painter near me.

Drapes and Windows

There are some great ways to enhance your windows, and without spending a great deal of money. What if we told you that you could have the stained-glass effect, with glorious coloured windows that channel the light in magical ways, without much expense? It’s done by using plastic acrylic sheets, such as those from Cut My Plastic, and it is surprisingly affordable and extremely effective. They can also offer you sheets to use as splashbacks in the kitchen or bathroom – they really look great – and if you check their website there are plenty more great ideas for home décor on a budget.

Curtains are a lovely addition to a room, and provide the required privacy, but have you considered blinds? You can install Custom Window Coverings according to the windows’ size, and they may actually work out cheaper than curtains and look very beautiful when in place. Check that option out as it may make more sense than forking out for new, expensive curtains.

You can also save money by repurposing old furniture that you may have been considering replacing. That chest of drawers you were going to get rid of – how great would it look if you gave it an aged look, and made it something different altogether? That’s just one idea, and there are many more that you will come up with yourself when you start to think about what you can do to cut your spending. We hope we’ve given you a few good tips, so get to it, and make your home beautiful and fresh on a budget!

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