Introverts Need Money Too: Top Careers That Require Limited Socialization

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Just because a person is not comfortable with public speaking, does not mean that they are not well-suited for the professional community. Though there are plenty of self-proclaimed, social butterflies and energetic entrepreneurs flitting there fancy, outgoing personalities around the office, there are plenty of opportunities for those to prefer a less social work environment.

Take the most comfortable seat in the house, and let your mind absorb some excellent, isolated, opportunities. Feast your eyes upon this short overview, highlighting a few of the most accommodating careers for introverted personalities.

Social Media Manager

Introverts do not enjoy being surrounded by a bunch of people, but that does not mean that they hate socializing. On the contrary, introverts often thrive in virtual social situations. The exhaustion felt from interacting with large groups of people is not typically present through social media and other virtual social channels.

A social media manager helps to create promotional materials for a given organization. They also work to maintain the company’s social media profile by communicating with the interactive public.

Personal Massage Therapist

Working as a Massage Therapist is one of the most relaxing and centering careers available. Introverts will enjoy working one-on-one with clients who have no interest in chatting. Therapy sessions can even be held in the comfort of one’s own home.

Schooling for the proper massage therapist licensure can be done in two years, as opposed to the average 4-6 years for most other professional careers. You may find several institutes that teach you how to become a physical therapist and place you in rehabilitation centers for internships. With strong career prospects in the industry and $40,000 pay a year on average, the job of a physical therapist may be the perfect one for you.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers do quite well for themselves, financially speaking. The average salary of a computer programmer is close to $80,000 in the United States. That is not too bad for a year behind the keyboard.

Computer programmers are creators. Spend your days writing codes and creating innovative software designs from the comfort of home. This particular career requires a degree in computer science.

Content Writer

The internet always needs people to write more content. Businesses need help marketing their products, and someone has to write all those words. Writers can enjoy making money, while doing something they love.

Though content writing will probably not make you rich, it is a sustainable career. Ranging anywhere from $34 to $75,000, content writing is what the writer makes of it. The more you push yourself, the more money you will make writing.

Long-Haul Truck Driver

Driving across the country for days and months at a time could just be the dreamiest job on the list. Long-haul truck drivers make a hefty salary, and they are required to engage in very little human interaction. The only requirements for this career are a commercial driver’s license and a high school diploma.

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