The Complex Simplicity of ADULTING

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Let’s be brutally honest about it, shall we? It’s all about money, isn’t it? Everything is really, as sad as it is to have to admit. I guess the sooner we come to admit it the better for all of us, not so that we can move forward with our lives in a state of hopelessness, but rather so that we can band together and try to find a way to beat the system which seems to be playing all of us.

The term ‘adulting’ has become quite popular recently, but it is hard to do. It can sometimes lead to the breakdown of relationships and cause distress. To prevent this, it is important to try to resolve conflicts in your relationships. If the issue is compatibility, physical or emotional, there are ways to resolve it. For physical incompatibility, try to find common interests or activities, or consider trying different ways for intimacy (sites like SEXM.XXX can be helpful in this regard). On the other hand, emotional incompatibility can be more difficult to deal with and might require professional help. Ultimately, it is important to make sure that relationships are healthy and beneficial to both parties.

As it turns out the very things you were looking forward to have turned out to make for the very source of your misery and so you end up resenting the responsibility which comes with the freedom of being your own, independent person. Consequently, we end up turning to temporary relief solutions which only serve to hit our pockets as a matter of habit, such as how so many people have a “come what may” love relationship with alcohol. Just try to say something which suggests that they shouldn’t get inebriated as a means through which to sort their problems out in an “adult” way and you’ll be given the dressing down of your life!

I’m not saying alcohol is the ultimate in evils and in fact I’m just using it as a metaphor for the otherwise complex simplicity which is being a grown-up. As was suggested by the opening few lines of this post, it all comes back down to money, so we have to make sure to turn our attention to the best way through which we can “get our money right.”

I purposefully refer to it as “our money” because what I’m getting at is the need for people to approach their financial affairs in more of a unified manner. If just ten people come together and approach the financial side of “adulting” as a single unit, the major source for all our pain will be considerably reduced in no time at all!

You need to have people who are in your corner on this though – people who understand that it’s “us versus the system” and not each of us individually against each other and the system. For example, I’d be fuming proper if the unique birthday gifts for her entertained by the people forming part of my joint economic revolution comprised of the choices such as a $3,000 watch instead of something more practical that will be appreciated even more, like a gift basket filled with goodies and treats.

We need to start looking at what exactly we’re made to spend our money on and decide whether or not it’s really worth following the doctrines which otherwise have us wanting to maintain the status quo! Money that’s always been there will start to reveal itself as a result…

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