Tips For Designing A Stellar Products & Services Page

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There are several key elements behind the formulation of the perfect business website, but the “Products & Services” page is your proverbial bread and butter. If your web-based customers cannot shop as easily as a brick and mortar customer, then you are doing it wrong.

Designers have fine-tuned their “Products & Services” pages, and you deserve the opportunity to share in their newfound knowledge. Take a moment to discover a few simple, but helpful, design tips for creating a stellar “Products & Services” page on your business website.

Clutter is distracting from the real purpose of the page

There are many reasons a products page could end up cluttered. Sometimes designers just cannot agree on which elements they want to include or what exactly drives sales, and it ends in a jumbled mess of information.

Whatever the case may be, clear the clutter. Simplicity boosts sales. Check out this example of a simple product page. The point is to not allow excess ads or erroneous texts to overshadow the products.

Clearly call visitors to action

The products page of any business website needs to have several very particular, very clear calls to action. If you are not sure what is meant by “call to action,” it is simple.

Those big, bright, clickable buttons that say things like “Add to Cart” and “Proceed to Checkout” are shining examples of a proper call to action. Online shoppers have been adequately conditioned to look for a button, so jump on that bandwagon while you design.

Speed and mobile optimization matter immensely

The loading speed of your website’s products page is an extreme matter of importance. If you adequately integrate all of the different aspects mentioned in this overview, your page will not be too heavy and sluggish. Employing a content delivery network (CDN) can be particularly beneficial in this regard. CDNs tend to be instrumental in enhancing a network’s performance by optimizing the delivery of bandwidth-intensive assets like high-resolution images and multimedia content.

You want your web viewers to have seamless access to everything your business has to offer, and you will find your sales numbers steadily rising. Optimize your website for mobile use, or your company will be left behind.

High quality product photos are key

Pixelated pictures on your business website do not project professionalism. If you cannot even get high quality images for your website, then what is a person to expect of the quality in your products and services?

Invest in the rights to utilize high quality images from a photo stock site, or find a good photographer to work for the company. Either way, there is no excuse for poor quality images.

Thorough product descriptions reassure buyers

If you are thorough in your descriptions of each and every product available, then people have more of an opportunity to make a smart purchase. You do not want to post a whole page of text for each item, but write two or three sentences about the important details.

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