Hi, I’m Bronny and I’m from a little (but lovely) town in the south of the UK where I live with my adorable French bulldog, Pig.

I have struggled my way into adulthood, up the housing ladder, down the career path and have come out the other side with most of my life and sanity intact – despite multiple hurdles (usually involving money… what isn’t?)

I have been getting floods of emails asking me where can I get the best mortgage? Where can I find the cheapest holidays deals? And – what exactly is an ISA anyway?! I simply couldn’t find time to answer them all – That’s when I came up with the idea to start a blog. I’ll give my top tips on how to budget, how to save extra cash through websites like Only Reviews, and how to handle personal debt. Money makes the world go round, right? We need it, want it, worry about it… this is where I come in (with the help of my blog mascot, Piggy!)

I know first-hand how stressful life can be in this day and age. This blog will be jam-packed full of useful information on your day to day financial stresses in plain, simple English for everyone to benefit from.

So please have a read through my blog and I really hope you find something that might answer a few of the questions bouncing around in your head!


Hi, I’m Piggy – your friendly, financial mascot, and I have a fun fact for you! Bronny’s dog, Pig, is named so because she saved for weeks and weeks inside a pink piggy bank for the money to adopt

Pig from her local dog shelter! (That and the fact he makes some very odd snorting sounds, oink oink!)

When I’m not busy with Bronny writing articles on what might help you save a bit of cash here and there, I like to hang out surfing the net and exploring the world wide web! It really is a cool place!

We hope you find some useful information on our blog! Oink!

– Bronny