Get Comfortable, Get Productive, Make More Money

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If you have a goal of making more money, then somewhere in your thoughts about work, you have to be thinking about how to become more efficient and more productive. And not surprisingly, a directly relatable characteristic that will help you with this is how comfortable you are. Greater comfort means higher productivity. Less comfort means less productivity. And those will equate directly to how much money you can make at a specific activity.

So what are some things that you can do to get more comfortable, especially as it relates to work? You can invest in some ergonomic products. You can focus on job satisfaction so that your brain is relaxed. You can fix the climate in your office so that your body is more apt to do the work that you want. You can figure out how to associate certain energy levels with certain types of work.

Investing In Ergonomics

When you buy ergonomic products, you’re investing in your effectiveness and productivity, especially as it relates to efficiency concerning comfort. If you have a comfortable chair and a comfortable mouse and a comfortable keyboard, you’re going to be able to do good work for more extended periods of time and not feel sore concerning your skeleton or musculature. Ergonomic products do tend to be slightly more expensive, but they more than make up for their cost in increased professional effectiveness.

Focusing On Job Satisfaction

Do you know what makes employees happy? If not, then how are you supposed to answer questions about comfort? Being comfortable isn’t just about sitting in a cushy chair. It’s also about feeling comfortable mentally, and that means people have to feel secure in what they’re doing holistically. And that, by definition, means that they need to find their jobs satisfying first, or no other external factor will make much difference.

Fixing the Office Climate

It can be incredibly draining trying to work in a space that is either too hot or too cold. If you want to do something to improve your own productivity or the productivity of people in your office, make sure that you set your thermostat in an appropriate range. Yes, you might want to cut financial corners by saving energy, but office comfort is not a good place to do this.

Riding the Right Energy Levels

When you try and perform a high-energy activity when you’re feeling low energy, there’s an automatic mismatch. Or, when you try to do a low-energy event but are bouncing off the walls, that’s also going to create issues with productivity. Ideally, you find a way to be comfortable not only in your environment and in your mind, but also with the appropriate energy level for the activity that you’re trying to do. You should have a few different professional lists of tasks that you can do at these separate energy levels.

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