How to make a professional multimedia presentation?

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Nowadays, a slide show is practically an obligatory part of any presentation. In order to be able to perform its function, such a multimedia presentation must be created in a specific way. First of all, the presentation should be easy to read and remember.

What should be on slides?

The first slide should always include the title of the speech and the name of the speaker. Contrary to appearances, this is very important, so it should be taken care of in particular. Immediately afterwards, a table of contents containing what the presentation will contain should be put on the table of contents. On the last slide we should enter our contact details.

Slides are an introduction to the topic, aimed at presenting abbreviations of key questions or illustrating what the speaker is talking about. Therefore, under no circumstances should whole paragraphs of the text be included in the presentation. Slides should also not contain whole sentences. This should reduce the amount of unnecessary text on slides, which significantly increases the readability of our entire presentation.

Graphic design

First of all, you need to choose the right slide colours. Their contents should be clearly visible. In addition, the projector can display all colours in a slightly different way than the computer on which you are making a presentation. As a rule, a high contrast should be used. The colours shall be bright and the individual elements shall stand out clearly in the background. A professional multimedia presentation should be lively but toned. Let’s choose one style for the whole presentation. The font should be the same, similar to the background template if the presentation contains them.

What to avoid in the presentation?

Let’s not put unnecessary elements in the presentation template, which will distract our listeners. Avoid background with a fixed, repeatable motif. Nor should we use fonts that are too sophisticated. Decorative letters make the text less readable. If necessary, use graphic items. The text is primarily intended to provide information and should be as readable as possible.

Animations should also be avoided. The less animations the better. The only allowed effect is the appearance of additional elements that should appear on the slide. It is simply possible to move the object if necessary to present any changes, dependencies or differences. Avoid moving images as well. They divert attention away from what we have said.

How do I place text?

Let’s use a large font so that it’s easy to read by people sitting in the back of the room. It is not possible to clearly determine which size is most appropriate. Different fonts have different sizes of the same font size. Typically, fonts smaller than 18 are not used here. You can enter a larger font when nothing or almost nothing is written on the slide. If we want to emphasize something, we should use a different colour, bold or large fonts. Excessive capitalisation should be avoided, especially in the content of slides.

More information

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