How to Play the Best Online Casino Games

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Many of us enjoy gambling, whether you like to put a bet on the horses or take a trip to a casino. We also use slot machines and other games in pubs and other public places, but you may not be aware that gambling – in many forms – has been around for a lot longer than you might believe.

Indeed, many of the regular casino games we play today, such as blackjack, craps, roulette and poker – originated many centuries ago in China and area of Europe, and rapidly spread across the world as travel between continents became more commonplace. Such games remain little change to this day.

Slot Machines

Enter any casino – or indeed bookmakers – and you will undoubtedly come across slot machines, still known to many as one-armed bandits. This name comes from the original versions, which first appeared in the USA in the early 20th century, which featured the three familiar reels, and a handle you pull to spin them.

You can still play these machines today – they remain a staple of casinos from Las Vegas to Europe and elsewhere – but there are many new forms of slot machines, with some very exciting and innovating games on offer.

So, we come to online casinos; if you like to have a flutter, the internet is most certainly your friend. Along with developments in online gaming and interactive ability, online casinos have undergone very rapid growth, and are now among the most popular method of gambling.

The Rise of Online Gaming

There is a belief in the industry that online casinos will eventually overtake the ‘real thing’ in terms of money spent; we say ‘real thing’ as the online version differs only in that it is played through your computer, tablet or smartphone, rather than you having to physically get to the casino to enjoy your favourite games.

Indeed, you will find that you can play every game you would find in a physical casino, and some you can play against other real players, in real-time. For instance, you can check out the game of Roulette, Blackjack, or Baccarat on websites such as, which could be played live with real opponents. Of course, every gambler knows that winning is one of two options – you need to remember you can lose, too, and keep within your limits.

However, if you know your game and play as you would in your usual casino, you stand as good a chance as any, and in fact, the odds are sometimes higher in the virtual casino. You would have to be very lucky to win as much as this soldier who raked in 13million from a 25p stake, but it’s proof it can happen!

Choosing Your Online Casino

Online betting has really taken off in the past few years; it began with bookmakers taking advantage of the internet to take bets on horse racing, football and many other sports online. The convenience of punters being able to place bets from their mobile handset proved instantly popular, and the bookmakers soon realised there was scope for development.

Since then, many different online casinos have joined the market – some run by well-known bookmakers, others brand new – thus you have a great deal of choice in terms of where to place your money! All you need is an internet connection, a credit or debit card for payment, and you have a world of exciting gambling options in front of you. The online gaming options are now endless. Case in point- the introduction of loot boxes in early 2000s received wide attention from online players probably, more so than online casinos. Even though, the loot box concept has been ever present in a whole host of games, it can nevertheless be risky for newbies. Get More Returns on playing at minimum deposit casinos than gambling on loot boxes if a less risky approach is something that seems beneficial to you.

Choice of Games

Let’s be honest here, playing your favourite games at an online casino is great fun! You can choose from some fantastically innovative slot machines, for example, or if you want the traditional casino games, roulette is just as impressive in the virtual world as it is in the flesh.

Perhaps the most exciting of all online gambling games is poker, in any of its many forms. You can play against other people, choose from a variety of minimum stake games, and enjoy banter and fun as you play. Or, you could play against the banker at blackjack, and see how you fare with your cards!

It really is as easy as signing up, logging in, taking your seat and playing, and you can deposit money for your chips easily, over a safe and secure payment system, using one of many types of credit or debit card.

Promotions and Bonuses

One of the major benefits of playing online casino games is that the casino will give you free money when you sign up. That sounds too good to be true, yes? Well, it’s not, and we are being serious! Make your first deposit by credit or debit card with the casino, and they will match that amount with free money for you to play with.

That’s an offer you really can’t refuse, and there are no strings attached whatsoever! Then, once you are signed up and playing, you may be entitled to a range of bonuses such as free spins on slots, and many more great offers. It’s worth checking out what you are entitled too, as you could be party to many lucrative offers.

Sensible and Fun Gambling

Make no mistake, if you haven’t yet tried an online casino, you will enjoy it so much that you will be hooked. As with physical gambling, you need to set your limits and not overspend, and enjoy your gaming as a fun pastime that might make you some money.

Naturally, there are some games that give you a better chance of winning than others. And when it comes to online slot machines, you might want to try a few to find the one that you like. Check out the Return to Player (RTP) rating, too, as the higher it is, the more likely you are to win!

Online casinos are a great way of whiling away a little spare time; you can even play a few hands or spin a few reels during your lunch break! Why not have a look now and see what games or slots take your fancy? We reckon that once you’ve tried it, you’ll join the many thousands of people across the world who enjoy the online gambling experience, so good luck, and enjoy your gaming online.

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