Top Electronic Medical Records Software Available in 2017

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Medical recording changes have effectively augmented the ways in which medical professionals communicate with each other and with other clients in the medical field. The transition to systems that can effectively manage EMR Electronic Medical Records has been quickly increasing, as the need for medical efficacy in record taking and speedy communication has grown.

In addition, client-server based EMR systems are becoming outdated. They are quickly being replaced by the more reliable backup to the cloud, or web-based EMR systems. Stay up to speed in medical recording, and check out this comprehensive list of some of the highest rated electronic medical records software available in 2017.

NueMD Software

For any size medical practice, NueMD offers just what you might need to run a precise office. NueMD software has the ability to track appointment scheduling, medical billing, electronic health recording, and practice medical billing.

The program is complex and capable of handling almost any situation dealing with records and billing. In addition, the program provides the ability to electronically prescribe medications, track laboratory reports, and manage incoming and outgoing fax communications.

ECLIPSE Software

ECLIPSE was one of the very first companies to tackle EHR and EMR systems, as early as 1985. Now the company’s software is used by thousands of medical providers all over the nation.

The company introduced the idea of tracking an individual’s medical history with a simple identification number. Most recently, program capabilities have been expanded to schedule syncing with your smartphone and custom forms creations.

WRS Health Software

WRS Health is an EHR that is cloud-based integrated. The software covers core activities of a medical practice, such as medical billing, patient scheduling, order management, electronic prescriptions, image management, secured faxing, and disease management.

Medical professionals who choose to integrate this software into their daily operations are eligible meaningful use incentives. This particular software works seamlessly for over 30 different medical specialties, and offers specific templates, functionality and workflows for each area of practice.

Praxis EMR Software

Praxis is one of the most popular and presentable pieces of software in the business. The template-free EMR/EHR, boasts that templates only slow down the professionals attempting to integrate them.

Praxis works through artificial intelligence (that’s right, AI) that tracks each user and learns from the information given. This is the number one rated program in many physician surveys and offers usability like no other.

HIPAA Compliance Software

The ins and outs of HIPAA’s terms of medical compliance can be challenging to maintain in an office full of beginners. The Guard is a piece of software that makes HIPAA compliance a natural part of daily operations in the office. Have peace of mind in knowing that your office software is keeping everyone in compliance with Federal medical regulations.

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