3 Simple Ways To Get The Word Out About Your New Business

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If you’ve just started a business, you might be feeling very intimidated about the prospect of getting recognition in an industry that’s likely already saturated with businesses similar to yourself. And while it can be tough to make your mark right at the beginning, the steps you take when you’re still a fledgling business can really set a great foundation for you to build on years down the road. So to help you do this for your new company, here are three simple ways you can get the word out about your new business.

Get Listed In Online Directories

Even if you only have a brick and mortar location right now, it’s important that you are able to be found online in directories. For businesses that are running solely off the Internet, you may have already had a website or blog set up to give your online visitors information about your new company. But especially for physical businesses, you need to be able to be found online. According to Janet Attard, a contributor to BusinessKnowHow.com, getting your business listed online in directories like Bing and Google are completely free. And once you do this, anyone searching for your business or the type of work you do will be able to find your information and easily get in contact with you.

Showcase Your Name Wherever Possible

The only way people are going to recognize your name is if they have the opportunity to see if frequently. To accomplish this, you’re going to need to put your name on as many things as possible so that your company and brand are showcased to anyone who might benefit from your products or services. Some ways you can do this, according to Susan Ward, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, is to create things like business cards, custom signage, stickers, billboard ads, and even things like vehicle wraps so that everyone in your area can begin to get used to seeing your name and building trust through recognizing it.

Play Host

Another great way to get the word out about your new business is to hold some type of event or open house where you can play host and rub shoulders with people who might soon become your customers or clients. According to Megan Marrs, a contributor to WordStream.com, you should blanket your community, either physically or online, with flyers and announcements regarding your event. And when the time finally comes for you to play host, make sure you make the right impression with those you get in contact with.

To help get your business up off the ground, consider using the tips mentioned above to give your business the recognition it needs to find the success you’re searching for.

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