Design A More Lucrative Business Website

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You worked hard to get your new business website up and running, and now you can’t figure out why no one is visiting. The design of your website directly affects the amount of traffic you are able to attract.

Marketing its existence on social media and other media outlets online is only one piece of the visibility puzzle. Check out a brief overview of a few of the most vital concepts of your business website design which will boost your organization’s visibility online.

Make sure you have simple navigation

Navigation options make it easy for your visitors to get around the many pages of your business website. Designing a stationary navigation bar across the top or side of your web layout will make your business website more effective.

People need to know where they are and how to get back to something they found interesting five minutes ago. Here is a good example of a stationary navigation bar. The simplicity of a navigation bar is easy to understand, and web users are used to seeing such design aspects.

Create effective content for the site

The content of your website should be designed to identify the purpose and meaning of your business website, but in the language of search engine algorithms. When you learn how to design to please the search engines, your website will be much easier to find online.

Invest time and research into learning the concepts of search engine optimization. SEO will educate you in the way of strategic website design, and help you to create more impactful content for your business website.

Optimize the design for mobile access

Mobile access to the internet is far too prevalent to ignore. People are no longer sitting at home on their PCs and laptops searching the web. People use their smartphones and tablets far more often to do their random searches. So in case, you have a Shopify business, your website ought to be customized for mobile-friendly navigation. For single product website owners, you can check a one product shopify theme that can be optimized for mobile users.

If you are designing the website yourself, make sure that you perfect it for a much smaller screen. Your mobile site version needs much less when it comes to bells and whistles. Research media queries to learn an easy way to mobilize your website design.

Integrate the use of social media sharing

Social media is an outlet you always want to have a connection to when it comes to business. By simply adding social media share buttons in strategic locations around your design, you will create an opportunity for free marketing.

Every time a visitor shares a link to something on your business website, you get a free “plug” into every outlet provided on that person’s “friends” list. The average Facebook user has nearly 300 friends on their profile. Imagine how many possible eyes could be looking at a piece of your creation through the act of just one “share.”

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