Things To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Mobile Home

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The idea for a mobile home dated back all the way to the 1500s when gypsies would carry their living quarters on wheels pulled by horses or donkeys. Mobile homes, as we know them today did not take shape until the 1920s. Over the years they have continued to get larger and stronger, added bathrooms, and stayed mobile the whole time.

Come the 1980’s, strict regulations were put into place about having trailers built to code. With that said, mobile homes have become a very viable option as a legitimate home purchase. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to sell yours.

Are You Selling Retail or Wholesale?

One of the first things you’ll have to decide when selling your mobile home is whether to sell it retail or wholesale. If you choose to sell retail, this means you will either work with a real estate agent or do all the work yourself.

All the paperwork, the advertising, moving the home if needed, and showing the home, as well. If you choose to sell it wholesale, you are choosing to bring someone in to do all the work for you, which is convenient, but will cost you in the long run.

How Old Is Your Home?

Several factors come into play when selling your home. One of the biggest players is the age of your home. When talking about the age of a mobile home, age can mean the difference between whether it is equipped with bathrooms or not, if it is 8 feet wide or larger, or if it meets the strict building codes set up in the 1980s.

If it doesn’t, you could be selling a home that may be dangerous to live in should a good storm come through. Age may also denote how fragile certain parts of the mobile home have become. Will you fix those spots or sell as is?

Will You Do Any Remodeling?

Everyone is different. Remodeling is certainly a great way to add value to your mobile home. Considering your home will start to depreciate the moment you take it off the lot, anything you can do to raise the value, if you choose to resale, is a wise move. Mobile homes are an amazing alternative to buying a house, but because they are not meant to last forever, the amenities inside aren’t built to do so either.

Having a carpenter come in and replace the kitchen cabinets, for example, could add positive value to your mobile home. Things as simple as removing wall paper and adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the old carpet with more vibrant colors could make your mobile home the pick of the litter.

In the end, how well your sale goes depends on you. Refer here frequently in order to keep the main issues concerning selling your mobile home in mind.

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