Time Is Money, Better Maximize Your Productivity

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No matter what we do, somehow we often think that even a 25-hour long day won’t be enough. There are many reasons why we can’t achieve to do all the things we planned to, but the biggest of them all is a lack of productivity.  Productivity is actually the measure of efficiency, and in this fast-paced world, we need to be as efficient as possible if we want to survive. After you read this article, you will realize that being more productive is not that hard,after all; it just requires that you manage time more efficiently.

Track and limit time

Since time is money, you need to know EXACTLY how much time you spend on tasks that help you earn money. It is important that you are 100 percent focused and organized. Start planning your days in advance – you can do it the night or the morning before work. You will no longer have to rush or wonder when did all this time fly.

Take breaks

A lot of people tend to mix productivity with pushing themselves over their limits. Nobody said that you need to do more than you can – you will end up distracted, confused, and anxious. Make at least two breaks during the day, but make sure they are active breaks. For instance, instead of scrolling through your phone and sitting still in your chair, go outside and take a walk, catch some fresh air. You’ll see that you will be a lot more focused when you return to work after the break.

Set deadlines

Deadlines are the number one cause of stress. And even though we characterize stress as an extremely negative aspect of work, a manageable level of stress that is self-imposed is actually very helpful with sharpening your focus and achieving the goals you’ve set. Make sure you always meet the deadlines – like your life depends on it.

Two-minute rule

It is simple: if one task can be done in two minutes or less, do it right away without any hesitation. That particular task is going to take you much less time if done right away than it will take you if you choose to put it off to a later time. This is a very important strategy you need to implement in your life immediately.

Ask yourself: “Are meetings mandatory?”

Meetings are probably the biggest time sinks, yet we continue to book them, attend them, and later on, complain about them. So, next time before booking the meeting, ask yourself:“Is this meeting mandatory?” Maybe you can simply accomplish those tasks via email, phone, or a web meeting.

If, on the other hand, you have to have a meeting, opt for standing meetings since they result in improved group performance.

Multitasking is a myth

There is no such thing as multitasking, but there is a thing called: “brain switching its attention from one task to another” and that is something extremely exhausting. You’ve also probably noticed that all your “multitasked” tasks are never done with the 100% care. Plus, multitasking is not saving us time – actually, it takes more of it. Focus on one thing at a time – always.

Social media are your worst enemies

A few people know that an average person spends more than 3 hours a day socializing online. Just imagine all the things you can do and tasks you can complete for that amount of time.

The best advice would be to uninstall all of your social media apps, but since a lot of people can’t do that, just remove all of them from your home screen and your computer browser toolbar as well. There is nothing new or more important than your work anyway.

Use dead time

Instead of playing games or watching through the window while sitting on a bus to work or in your doctor’s office, make some notes, send e-mails or plan your next day. Don’t waste all that valuable time, and get used to being productive all the time, not just during work hours.

90-minute intervals

Researchers from Florida State University have found elite athletes, chess players, musicians etc. who work not longer than 90 minutes are a lot more productive than those who work over 90 minutes. Also, they found that top performers work no longer than 4.5 hours per day.

Embrace the aesthetic

Aesthetically pleasing objects in our office, such as a nice view, a plant, or a fish tank can boost our productivity up to 15 percent. Equip your office with things that will put a smile on your face.

Give yourself some “extra boost”

If all else fails or you want to give your maximum, try using a cognitive enhancer like a Lucid smart pill. They will increase your memory, motivation, and creativity. Also, they are great for increasing the level of concentration. Who knows, maybe the movie Limitless was based on a true story?

Remember, work smarter – not harder.

What are your best productivity tips? Do you have any other ideas you would like to share with the world? Let me know in the comments.

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