3 Foolproof Tricks to Save Space and Money

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Can storage save you money? When you consider how many times we buy new because we’ve misplaced the old, or an item got broken because it wasn’t stored carefully, the answer is yes, it can. You may require a storage pickup service in some cases, so it is best to look around to see which company can fulfill your needs.

There’s space all around the smallest of homes for extra or alternative storage, and even an answer when every inch is used up. You might be thinking that you honestly believe you have already used up all your storage – well there are solutions for that too. You can invest in a home storage option like a shed or a summer house or maybe even some of the fantastic prefab cabins on the market today. The investment is worth the added curb appeal and the storage space they offer.

When it comes to saving space, there are a variety of cost-effective choices to consider. One viable option you could consider is a prefabricated wooden garage. These are inexpensive, and you can customize a model to meet your specific requirements. It could be a safe storage facility near your home where you can keep all of your non-essential products, or it could even be used as a car garage.

The Virtual Home Extension

Moving is pricey, especially when you’re doing it simply because you’ve run out of space in your existing home.

Figuring out new, smarter ways to hang onto prized possessions and still have room to breathe can make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Lots of people have woken up to self storage units to solve this particular dilemma. They do it in a number of ways, including:

  • Document storage, reducing the need for drawers or cupboards full of muddled, important paperwork. Fill your storage furniture with things you use, not things you barely ever look at but need to keep safe.
  • Seasonal rotations. Putting winter stuff into storage during summer and vice versa. Having only what you need in the garden shed or garage, for instance, makes finding and getting at it much easier. It’s also a way of clearing closets without dumping perfectly good clothes.
  • Keeping sentimental possessions. Lots of us have inherited items that we can’t bear to part with but also can’t keep at home.
  • Occasionally-used furnishings. Examples include spare beds only used once or twice a year, or the giant dining table that only comes out at Christmas. You don’t need to live with these things all year round, but they’re there without splashing out on new stuff every time you have a celebration or visitors.

Use Your Vertical Space

We all tend to ignore the spaces higher up in rooms. These areas are begging for shelves you can use for storage and reclaim more floor space.

When you’re considering where to put shelves, don’t neglect the unusual places. Over and around a doorway, for instance, creates a ‘recessed door’ look and is a fun way to display books.

Other vertical spaces we neglect are the ends of kitchen cabinets. Hang a towel rail or install a narrow shelf as a cookbook stand or a spice rack.

Awkward areas like alcoves or cubby holes under stairs are also candidates for the shelving treatment. Add a little jazz to alcoves with mirrors or fairy lights, and bring order to dark, narrow closets with floating shelves and a battery LED light.

Storage Box Considerations

Before you rush out and buy new storage boxes, decide:

  • How you’ll use them
  • Where they’ll go
  • What size or material would work best

A box is never just a box, and there are so many choices out there it’s easy to waste money by buying the wrong thing.

  • Transparent tubs are ideal for hobby/craft or shoe storage. You can see what’s in there even when they’re stacked. Have specific purposes in mind before you buy. Decide beforehand what size and shape you need.
  • Create extra space in closets with plastic drawer towers. They’re ideal for smalls, accessories or linen storage, and because they’re tucked away in a wardrobe it doesn’t matter that they’re not the most stylish of furnishing. They do a job and that’s all that matters.
  • Choose decorated board or card boxes when storage needs to be attractive as well as functional.

Saving space and using it effectively has another benefit besides saving you money. Wreaking order from chaos brings peace of mind and a certain inner satisfaction. Try it on your own muddled corners. You might be surprised.

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