Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tie for Your Rugby Club

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Looking for rugby club ties? Making the decision to invest in them is easy, but landing on the right ones is a little trickier. Luckily enough, we’ve put together this quick list of tips. Follow them to end up with the perfect ties for your rugby club.

Go Bespoke

It doesn’t matter whether your team plays rugby or badminton, sports club ties should always be ordered bespoke. You’ll be able to dictate everything from colour to material to length, so you’ll end up with a rugby club tie that perfectly matches your team and stands out as unique from anything else available. Better yet, it’s much easier to order in more ties since your supplier will have all the details on file.

Think About Added Length

There are exceptions to every rule, but rugby players tend to be appreciably taller than other people, so you should plan accordingly. You might find that conventional ties are a little too short. That will make them either annoying to tie correctly or a little too short when worn. Few things look worse than a tie that’s too short, so consider looking for longer ones when you’re buying for a rugby club.

Decide on Colours or Crest Early

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is whether to include colours, crest, or both. Nearly all sport club ties are going to incorporate the team colours, but some will also include a logo. If you’d like the logo added, decide early – it affects a whole host of other options, including the material and whether you go for printed or woven.

Consider When and Where They’ll Be Worn

Finally, think about exactly when and where your ties will be worn. In some cases, they will be worn only on a few special occasions throughout the year. On the other hand, they may be worn several times each month or week. If your tie will be worn more regularly, go for a hard-wearing material. If it’s just for special occasions, look for a more upscale option, such as silk.

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